Never stop worrying about Customer Satisfaction

Are we really sure that we have fully satisfied our customer? Not all customers have the courage to tell us in the face that we have not satisfied them. So it happens that they go from the competition without giving us the chance to recover. This is the worst customer in my opinion.

Un cliente apparentemente soddisfatto è un cliente perso

A seemingly satisfied customer is a lost customer because it is not enough to have satisfied customers. They will be the first to leave and will not take long to find a better service or product or a seller better than us.

Even when we think we have done our best for our client, we must not loosen interest in him; we must not give the impression that once the deal has been concluded, the customer no longer needs us.

This is why I say that we DO NOT NEED TO STOP NEVER …

try to understand how to satisfy our customer even more

to observe our competitors, what they are doing for customers and to try to overcome them

to renew our services to get closer to what the market demands

To guarantee a certain level of customer satisfaction it is necessary to maintain a continuous improvement approach. It is normal that over time the high quality standards achieved with the customer tend to deteriorate. In other words, we “get used to” the customer and no longer treat him as a special person. And the customer gets “used” to our standard and wants more. The pain of dissatisfaction derived from our routine attentions comes to him.

Try to reflect on the fact that only 4% of dissatisfied customers complain. So never trust apparent satisfaction.

Have you ever thought about working on customer loyalty?

The fully satisfied customer will become a loyal customer who will recommend our services or products to a fairly satisfied customer.

We have to think about it seriously …

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